Organizer of TA PUM is the homonymous Association, whose partner are the association L’Uomo libero, creator of the project, the Associazione degli Accompagnatori del territorio del Trentino and the CNR Press Office.

The Association is open to all institutional entity, local, business, sports, community, military, historical, cultural, research, communication and training who wish to share and support the project involved the territory and at national and international level, as partners, sponsors or endorsers.

L'Associazione l'Uomo Libero

L'Associazione l'Uomo Libero

The Associazione L’Uomo Libero is the creator and project leader of Ta Pum.

The association was born in 1991 as a non-profit organization, without electoral purpose and promotes concrete initiatives in the social, cultural, environmental, solidarity and voluntary sectors, giving special attention to the problems of childhood.

The association organizes and attends initiatives in defence of community and solidarity and territory ties, against the degradation, the exploitation and the wear caused by hedonistic, consumerist and materialistic logics.


L'Associazione Accompagnatori di Territorio del Trentino

L'Associazione Accompagnatori di Territorio del Trentino

The cultural association Accompagnatori del territorio del Trentino was founded in 2008, as a non-profit organization, to promote the culture of the mountain, to represent and to protect the professional figure of the courier of the area, valorising his knowledge, his connection to the local tie and his role to encourage the cultural, sustainable, innovative and sensitive to the environment tourism.

The association realizes hiking activities and environmental education.


Ev-K2-CNR Commitee

Ev-K2-CNR Commitee

The Ev-K2-CNR Committee is an autonomous, non-profit association, which has promoted scientific and technological research projects in high mountain regions for more than 25 years, distinguished by the specificity and the excellence of the results achieved in the international scientific world.

It has a constant presence in the mountain areas of Hindu Kush – Karakorum – Himalaya region, in Nepal, Pakistan, China (Tibetan Autonomous Region), India. Ev-K2-CNR Committee is best represented by its Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory located at 5,050 meters a.s.l. in Nepal at the base of Mount Everest.


CNR Office Press

CNR Office Press

The CNR is the largest public Italian research institution and one of the most important international organisations. Its mission, "create value through the knowledge generated by research," includes the diffusion of knowledge into society.

The Press Office values the information about CNR through press releases and notes, the Almanacco della Scienza (www.almanacco.cnr.it), website, conferences and events, press reviews, media partnerships, replaying to journalist’s requests and video production.



Ta-pum was the noise the Italian soldiers heard while they were fighting in trenches and the Austrian Guns shooted with Mannlicher M95 rifles. There was a great distance between the two frontlines, so the noise arrived before the bullets, “TA”, and then the detonation sound “PUM”.

From here the wel-lknow song, which has several versions…


Legal Domicile

Via San Tomé, 13
I - 38064 San Giorgio di Arco - TN
President: Walter Pilo
Mobile: +39 338 6060376

Secretariat Office

Via San Bernardino, 145
I - 24126 Bergamo - BG
Ref.: Silvia Pozzi
Phone: +39 035 3230534


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