An open project

The wealth of information, relationships and experiences developed into Ta Pum project will be the common heritage for many - citizens, tourists, climbers, communication and information operators, local authority officials, etc... - want to retrace full itinerary or some traits.

They can trust on the refuges, all tourist services, museums, historical and landscape sites, religious structures created for the achievement of the project.

It will be available in loco and online informative material about the structures, the places of interest and it will be possible certify the itinerary.

The Committee will promote the itinerary and propose its inclusion in the Cultural Itineraries of the Council of Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Legal Domicile

Via San Tomé, 13
I - 38064 San Giorgio di Arco - TN
President: Walter Pilo
Mobile: +39 338 6060376

Secretariat Office

Via San Bernardino, 145
I - 24126 Bergamo - BG
Ref.: Silvia Pozzi
Phone: +39 035 3230534


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