Ta pum! Ta pum! Ta pum!
And tomorrow we go to the assault,
little soldier doesn't die by others' hand.
Ta pum! Ta pum! Ta pum!

TA PUM is the sound of the rifle shot that accompanied ceaselessly, days and nights lots of soldiers at the frontline, recalling and softened in one of the most famous and heart rending songs of the First World War.

On the occasion of the centenary of Italy's entry into the war, the Association promotes a Ta Pum 'Way of memory' in the places, scenes of the Great War, from the Stelvio to the Sea.

A trip to know and to understand the History with "capital letter", that shocked and changed the world, but also the stories with "tiny letter" ,written by ink and blood of all that person who fought and suffered in those places.

It can be said that Ta Pum is:

An itinerary in stages

An itinerary in stages

Ta Pum is an itinerary of more than 1500 km, divided into 60 stages, which connects the places whose history is tied up to the most important moments of the First World War.

The itinerary has been created by the Tapum Committee in collaboration with historians and experts and follows the line of the five fronts from the Stelvio to Sea - Stelvio-Adamello-Giudicarie, the plateau line, Cadore, Carnia, Fronte Giulia - and includes all that places whose history is bound to some of the most important moments of the conflict, from Asiago to Bassano, from Vittorio Veneto to Redipuglia.

The regions crossed by this extraordinary historical, cultural and scenic itinerary are four - Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and dozens the provinces and municipalities involved in this process.

An historical mountaineering expedition

An historical mountaineering expedition

On May 24 2015, on the occasion of the centenary of Italy's entry into the war, will start an historic mountaineering expedition that will retrace, step by step, the whole run.

The members of the expedition, experienced mountaineers, will be accompanied and supported during the trek by communications professionals that will guarantee to the event the necessary visibility to make unique this initiative.

The objective is rediscover our history trough the direct knowledge of the protagonists, the places and the communities, providing visibility to all the participants who will take part as partners, sponsors or supporters.

Ta Pum co-organizes many initiatives: exhibitions, conferences, educational and instructive activities that will help to remember and celebrate an important moment of the Italian and European history.

Some presentation events and some "specials" stages are provided in Rome, Venice, Piacenza, Trieste, on the Carpathian Mountains and on Mount Verena.

An innovative communication product

Ta Pum project foresees the creation of a multimedia platform to explain the characteristics of the itinerary.

In this platform it will be collected all the historic and present material about that places, to valorise the historical, cultural, environmental and tourism heritage.

Platform will also host the material produced during the expedition: videos, interviews, photos, etc..

An open project

The wealth of information, relationships and experiences developed into Ta Pum project will be the common heritage for many - citizens, tourists, climbers, communication and information operators, local authority officials, etc... - want to retrace full itinerary or some traits.

They can trust on the refuges, all tourist services, museums, historical and landscape sites, religious structures created for the achievement of the project.

It will be available in loco and online informative material about the structures, the places of interest and it will be possible certify the itinerary.

The Committee will promote the itinerary and propose its inclusion in the Cultural Itineraries of the Council of Europe and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Tracks of Ta Pum

Here you can find the itineraries of Ta Pum, traced connecting the places whose history is linked to the most significant moments of the First World War.

These itineraries are indicative, but not definitive. In fact, there are several reports reaching and requests for small changes in order to visit other places, however, next to the original path, and we are taking them into consideration and evaluating the feasibility.


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