Ta Pum is an open project interesting for different realities.

Tour Operators

Ta Pum offers a concrete visibility return at national and international level through multiple channels of communication and different marketing strategies planned during the initiative.

The creation and the promotion of a complex path which has a very important historical and environmental value, will also allow tour operators to enrich and diversify their offerings, promoting local heritage and historical itineraries, with positive effects for business.


Ta Pum offers a positive image return trough its involvement in activity with an high historical and cultural value and the companies can promote their business, generating positive cash flows through the armature led initiative.


Ta Pum give a concrete support to the esteem of the contributions and the experience of existing initiatives in the area, guaranteeing them national visibility.

Institution and Local Authorities

Ta Pum offers concrete proposals to expand the local initiatives promoted to the celebration of the centenary of the First World War and insert them in a frame of initiatives of national interest.

Every stages of the project will be created by Ta Pum for local institutions an enduring heritage and they are a tool to enhance the history and the wealth of the territory.

Legal Domicile

Via San Tomé, 13
I - 38064 San Giorgio di Arco - TN
President: Walter Pilo
Mobile: +39 338 6060376

Secretariat Office

Via San Bernardino, 145
I - 24126 Bergamo - BG
Ref.: Silvia Pozzi
Phone: +39 035 3230534


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