Mountaineering expedition in 2015 to mark Centenary of Italy's entry into the First World War

Italian Alpine troops during the First World WarOn 24th May 2015 a mountaineering expedition - which will span 1500km from the Stelvio Pass to the Carso Plateau - will mark the Centenary of Italy's entrance into the First World War.

The expedition will be divided into more than 60 stages, as it "connects the places whose history is linked to the most significant moments of the First World War".

L’Associazione Ta Pum is organising the expedition with "the collaboration of historians and experts".

The expedition will plot a route relating to important battles of the conflict on the Italian Front, from Asiago in Bassano, to Vittorio Veneto in Redipuglia.

Four regions - Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia - and dozens of provinces and municipalities will feature in the expedition.

Experienced mountaineers will accompany those taking part in the trek and efforts will be made to ensure media coverage of the event is supported in order to "provide exposure for a unique initiative that aims to rediscover our history and make it available to the general public through direct knowledge of the places and communities that have been involved".

Daniel Barry - Centenary News

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